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About Ancestral FIndings

About Me

I'm hopeful these ebooks will provide you with plenty of food for thought in your genealogy adventures. Contributions are greatly appreciated but not required.​ You can do so by Clicking Here. Thank you so much!

More than 25 years ago, I began this quest into genealogical research. Recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and a blood disorder, I found myself home for months at a time, and I used that time to study genealogy records and discover the meaning behind my Moneymaker surname.

I collected books, conducted research in libraries, and used genealogy CD-ROMs to further my desire to learn more about my family. After collecting hundreds of books and thousands of documents relating to this genealogical adventure, I wanted to share this information with others.

I first used America Online to reach out to other family members and share the current information I had gathered. Within the first week, I had hundreds of inquiries about family history, both from family members and people reaching out for information.

On December 15, 1995, I created Ancestral Findings. I received more than 1,000 free lookup requests for the first few months, and I now receive thousands a month from people like you looking for more information about their genealogy. 

You can use Ancestral Findings to cross-reference information you already have and to learn more about the people in your family who you thought were forever lost to you.

Historical Postcard Giveaway

I love collecting postcards from around the world. It’s been a hobby of mine for many years, and I’ve acquired several doubles throughout my adventures. So, I’m giving those postcards away for free each week! Sign Up Today